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Di Manno understands how much a special event can mean to you, whether it’s an energizing breakfast, a business lunch, a special occasion dinner, a corporate meeting, or any number of reasons to gather together. We can offer you an casual to elegant environment to host whatever function you are planning.

Nancy Di Manno will work with you to design a special menu that will reflect the unique character of your event, or you can leave the menu selection up to us. We can turn any occasion into a memorable celebration. Our custom menus include a variety of appetizers, main course selection and desserts – with or without alcohol. Our team appreciates the difficulty behind catering to many different dietary restrictions and preferences, and our expertise and wide menu options help you to find the perfect solution! With gluten free, vegetarian, dairy free and mild spice options available, it makes for an easy and carefree dining experience.

Call to plan your event and we’ll create a private area in our restaurant or we can bring the catering to you!

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